Dr. James A Grassmeyer, D.V.M.

Dr. Grassmeyer was born and raised in Kearney, NE.  After graduating from high school he attended The University of Nebraska at Kearney; where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in education with plans on being a teacher.  He furthered his education at Iowa State University and graduated in 1987 with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating he and his family moved to Colorado Springs where he practiced for 5 years before returning to this area.

Dr. Grassmeyer opened The Pet Hospital in November of 1999, and continues to enjoy strengthening the bond between clients and their companions. He has been providing quality services in a professional and friendly atmosphere for more than 30 years.

Donna Meyer, Veterinary Assistant

An animal lover since childhood Donna has raised and trained dogs and horses. Previous to motherhood she worked at Campbell Village vet clinic in Dallas, Texas as an assistant and has been with The Pet Hospital since 2006.

Donna is mom to 3 boys: Blake and wife Angie, Josh, and Devin. Her husband Jamie is a Captain at the Fremont Fire Department. Currently residing in the Meyer house is her Goldendoodle “Zara” who likes to keep Tip in line, and help play receptionist every day.  In her spare time Donna enjoys spending time with her granddaughters, spending time with her horses, baking, and being involved with various ministries at church.

Sarah Lackey-Klco, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Sarah was born and raised in Fremont, NE and has always had a love for animals.  She has been a receptionist and assistant for over 10 years.  Her parents encouraged and enabled her desire to care for all types of companion animals and pocket pets. 

She has 2 wonderful daughters Josie and Jasmine, who share her love for pets and always keep her smiling.  She has a laid back, silly, attention seeking Goldendoodle “Zulu”.  She also has a cuddly, quirky, funny Boston Terrier “Poppy”. She has recently adopted a handsome, rowdy, adventurous French Bulldog “Otis”. As if things weren’t crazy enough she has a business of ferrets: “Echo”, “Nalo”, and “Marbles”.  Sarah loves her job, spending time with her daughters, caring for her fur babies, being involved in church ministries, and helping others where she can.

Picture of clinic cat

Tip Door Greeter

Tip came to The Pet Hospital in 2017 as a kitten for a routine neuter, and we fell in love in an instant!  He was a hugger when you would hold him, want to be where everyone else was, and such a playful kitten!  Dr has always wanted an orange tabby, and the clinic was missing our first door greeter, Millie, after she had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Tip is a smile and a half, and lives up to his name!  He loves to tip everything over as he walks by or squeezes through.  He loves to meet everyone (sometimes jump up on the counter and scare them), chat with the birds in the window, hang out by the front door so he doesn’t miss anything, or just napping until it is time for him to eat (if you are not careful he will try and make you think he hasn’t eaten all day!). 

Don’t let the sweet face fool you, he has an ornery side.  Tip can’t resist the whip cream on top of Sarah’s drinks, trying to sneak a bite of the baked people goods Donna has made, begging and pawing at Dr for treats, and the fact that we had to put child locks on our cabinets to keep him from rearranging the medicine bottles or knocking them all over the counter.  If we don’t pay attention to him he will unroll and chew up paper towels, hide around corners and jump out to scare us, or set off the door bell just to have us call him over.

He tends to warm the hearts of all he meets, and wins over the dog lovers with time by allowing them to rub his belly, greet them at the door, or talk to them when they are finishing up at the counter.   By the end of the day he is tuckered out from all of his business and keeping the staff on their toes with his antics!